Exploring Oregon Pt.2

Summer mornings in Forest Grove, Oregon are so nice and cool. You’d swear that you just walked out of your house on an October morning. Today, I let my feet wander to a local farm about half a mile away from my cousin’s apartment and this was my view.

When the sun started to awake a little more, we ventured into the city where I had my first experience at Frank’s Noodle House! Their known for their handmade Chinese noodles!

On a spiciness scale of 1-4, I chose “I might not need my tastebuds after this.”

My cousin, Kylie, and her boyfriend, Trevor, took me to Portland’s International Rose Garden…


It. was. absolutely. beautiful.

Every color

Every scent.

Every shape.

All of it.

I “cycled” my first smoothie at the original bike powered smoothie bar on 23rd

And I spoiled myself with to a BLUEBERRY, BOURBON, BASIL donut afterwards.

I’m so thankful for my wonderful hosts and most of all for my family here in the West! Kylie, Trevor, Kia (The Shiba Inu), and I set off for the California coast at 5:00am where we will hopefully hit San Fran for sushiritos at lunchtime!

Oregon has completely swooned me and the goodbye will not be easy. The natural beauty of this state spills out of every corner street and blade of grass that’s greener than the kale smoothie you’re imagining I’m drinking after telling you all of my hipster ventures. There is a creative pulse that radiates throughout the city and I feel revived. This is definitely not a goodbye Oregon. It’s Aloha Oi, until next time.


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