One time I bought a ticket to Portland…

One time I bought a ticket to Portland and felt small in the best kind of way.

At 40,000 feet in the air, I felt safer and more at peace than in the comfort of my own bed and in my own head.

The air is crisp.

The trees are taller and “burlier.”

And this state is absolutely breathtaking.


My wonderful cousin and her boyfriend have been taking me around to the finest breweries and vineyards  with the most breath taking views. 

I walked under the St. John’s Bridge…

and I shamelessly drank a shot of Rivoli Dark Chocolate in the Pearl District of Portland.

Today I had the fattest and freshest sushi I’ve ever eaten…

and tomorrow I plan to blend a smoothie powered by the chains of a bike.

I love my home in Charleston, but I can feel that it’s almost time for me to leave and to try to make a new home elsewhere. I’ve been aching for it for a while and I think I’ll be ready very, very soon. There’s something nice about not knowing where I am or when the sun sets in the evening. The memories I’m making in this city are my own and I like that.

In two days I’ll be driving down the California coast in a car with three humans and one Shiba Inu.

More to come on this slightly impulsive, spontaneous, but incredibly worthy West Coast adventure!


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