Alternative Spring Break Day 3: Food, Inspiration, and Fun (which is probably going to be everyday I’m finding out…)

Our third day in Nashville!

The Musings and Monkeyings of Madeline

Today was our first day of actual service.  Though it was fun, it wasn’t quite what I expected.  We woke up really early to get to this dee-lih-shush and super cute ‘n quaint restaurant called Crumb de la Crumb to meet a special advocate.  With the wind biting at our cheeks, we stepped inside this adorable place with rustic tables and mismatched tables.

At a long country farm table in the back, we meet Leisa Hammett.  Leisa is the mother of an artist with autism, the one who runs her daughter’s art business, and a volunteer advocate for issues dealing with artists with disabilities.  As we ordered our food, she started to talk about the start of her realization that her daughter had a passion for creating art and about starting her daughter’s business and the obstacles that she has overcome.  She talked about how difficult it is to be running a…

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