Alternative Spring Break Day 2: Cultural Day

The Musings and Monkeyings of Madeline

So our first official day in Nashville started out great: Sam, one of the members of our group, played Saints of Valory (because we are going to their concert here in Nashville on Friday!!), my favorite band of all time, during breakfast and I had Frosted Flakes. And, our learning partner, aka advisor, Meredith gave us all homemade peppermint chapstick!

Chapstick party thanks to Meredith:) Chapstick party thanks to Meredith:)

After breakfast, I went downstairs to the awesome lobby of our hostel to get some tea.  I got my mug from the fun selection of kooky mugs, and waited with another guy for the hot water boiler to heat up.  He turned to me surprised and said, “I didn’t think Americans drank tea,” in a British accent.  I replied, “This American does.  I basically have a tea shop in my room.”  Which is very true–I have green, green antioxidant, earl grey, emperor’s chai, chai-chilla-mint-nilla, madagascar vanilla, raspberry leaf…

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