Alternative Spring Break Day 1: Nashville, Welcome to Nashville!

Hello Friends! Here are some posts from one of my dear participants/friends on the Artistic Abilities trip I’ve been co-leading this week. Enjoy!

The Musings and Monkeyings of Madeline

This week, I’m participating in what’s called an alternative spring break. Through CofC, I along with 10 other ladies are heading to Nashville to work with and learn from art organizations that work with people with disabilities.  Our trip is called Artistic Abilities (our insta tag is artabs:).

Though Nashville is approximately 8.5 hours away from Charleston, I loved our trip there. After an early morning pre-departure picture (we weren’t quite awake yet), one of our site leaders Kiana hopped in the driver’s seat of the big black mini van while I got in the driver’s seat of the other car fondly named “little red.”

Leaving Chucktown! Leaving Chucktown!

After about two and a half hours of Madeline-with-little-sleep driving, I was thankfully relieved of driving by Sam. A little while later, we arrived in Asheville for lunch.  I already know I want to go back to Asheville when I have more time and…

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